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Rita's hand-brewed Spiritual Mist Sprays, are the perfect companion for a quick cleansing wherever you go. Whether it's at home, in the office, or even in your car, these sprays are designed to clear negativity from your personal space and revive the energy around you throughout the day.

Rita's Seduce Juice Spiritual Mist is specifically crafted to boost your self-confidence, especially in the realm of romance and passion. Say goodbye to insecurities and fears as you embark on a date with your desired partner, or create a magnetic draw in the bedroom with its sweet love energy. And of course, it is made with love when the moon is right.

Rita's Seduce Juice spiritual mist spray comes in an 4 ounce glass spray bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

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A little strong when you first spray it but once it dries down has a pretty nice scent

Return customer, all of Rita's sprays are unique and magickal..recommended

Regular customer All of Rita's sprays are magickal with nice scent..recommended

Deep gratitude and love went into Rita’s work. She was driven and put into motion by putting the things of quality in a persons life first. It’s apparent in what she has produced which she can create again and again, without running out of a quality gift. She makes it with the elements which retain quality and composure and produce gifts to give from then on out. And her products invoke the same. Each spray is a blessing and experience which has been blessed by her heart. She cares about her customers, and people. With every act of love you do this spray will enhance it. Live a life you truly are in love with and fall in love with problems and solve them. And you will have a love life and a sex life. Spray this spray once you manifest the acts required to invite this energy into your life and it will be a strong ally.

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