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Welcome kindred spirits! I'm just a mama housewitch sharing my luv and good juju with the world.

EVERYONE is welcome here. My items are not based on any dogmatic religious worship, I take what resonates spiritually from any and all religions and create the most magically potent items I can. I don't believe in any one knowledge, I believe in all knowledge, and knowledge as power, and open my mind to all beliefs. I am a nature luver and a luver of anything that makes me feel inspired. You do not have to specifically be wiccan, pagan, a magical practitioner or anything of the sort to use my products, they are made for everyone. If you are here, you are here for a reason, listen to your inner voice, instincts and what you are drawn too and bring some of Rita's good juju into your life…I promise you won't be sorry.  My items are designed to bring your own energy to it's highest potential and to help you increase your awareness of the potential of your own individual capabilities and all the magic around you.

Thank you to all my beautiful clients and supporters, I absolutely luv to help anyone and everyone with my juju and feel it is an honor and a privilege to do so. I have met many beautiful souls, kindred spirits and soul sisters through Rita's and believe every stepping stone and every soul that passes through here is a link in my chain of fate. I really do hope every one finds a home here.