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Rita's Spiritual Mist Sprays are hand brewed. Carry one with you or keep it in the home, office or car for when you need a quick cleansing. These sprays are perfect to use throughout the day to clear negativity away from your personal space and revive the energy around you.

Introducing the all new money drawing spray, perfect for any witch looking to increase their cash flow with gratitude. Rita's Rich Witch, the ultimate solution to boost your abundance and attract wealth effortlessly. This powerful spray, an upgraded version of Rita's renowned "Mo Money" spray, is specifically designed to enhance your money flow and start manifesting money instantly. Simply spray it around your bills, wallet, or purse, or use it to charge your money corner and money drawing objects while reciting your favorite mantra to the universe. Unleash the magic of Rich Witch and watch as your financial dreams become a reality.

This versatile spray can be used during any money drawing ritual or during the new moon. Simply spray it in the corners of window sills, on your prosperity altar, your mojo, a sachet in your drawers or closet, and even on your prosperity stones for a deep charge. It's also perfect for daily use on your person out of the shower. Don't let a negative attitude hold you back from manifesting abundance - try our money drawing spray today!

Rita's Mo Money Spray comes in a 4 ounce glass spray bottle and as always made when the moon is right.


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Rita's is magick in a bottle. Always accompanied with such a great energy. She's one in a million. NEVER disappoints!

Have NOT gotten item, ok?

It smells amazing. I will be ordering again

Uplifting and amazing scent, great!

All of Rita's sprays are truly magickal and of quality, this particular spray is new to me and still learning it's virtue

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