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"She's Crafty" (and she's just my type), Enamel Pins

Rita's Spiritual Goods

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"She's Crafty" (and she's just my type), Enamel Pins

♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾ ♡ ☾

Totally 80's fashion forward denim, purse, or even Sunday's best swag with an attitude. Wear this shit, gift this shit, it looks so bitchin' just like you.

WE WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY: We strive for quality cards, cool gifts, nasty humor and a good laugh. You won't regret supporting our small awesome business because we're rad AF.  


you can find more cool shit at www.hellonastycards.com

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