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Rita's Adam & Eve Root Come to Me Juju Baby Amulet Mojo Kit - Entice the Luvers You Wish to Come Close, Magnetic Attraction

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Rita's Adam & Eve Root Come to Me Juju Baby Amulet Mojo Kit - Entice the Luvers You Wish to Come Close, Magnetic Attraction

NEW!!! Rita’s Juju Baby Mini Mojo Spell Bags have been designed for your ritual petition work and emery drawing for a specific desire in your life. Each Juju Baby comes with a vial of Rita’s signature hand brewed oil for blessing, dressing and recharging your baby, stones, charms, roots, sands etc to help keep your baby “fed” in its bag, a candle, clay and ritual instructions for initial petition blessing. PERFECT when working to manifest things into your life...or even sometimes banish. These Juju Babies pack a powerful punch and will work for you to bring desires into reality!!

Rita’s Come to Me / Adam & Eve Root Juju Baby. This has been designed to attract a new lover, draw a crush near to you or ignite passion into your relationship.
Adam & Eve root was created by the “tree lord” in the “garden of Eden” this root is principally used by lovers; one lover carries the Adam Root (shaped like a cone) and the other lover carries the Eve Root (shape is round). This keeps your lover true to you and discourages rivals. These talismans are said to insure fidelity between married couples, bring sweethearts closer, and to attract a lover to a single person." Also used for attraction, to bring a luver to you, for a marriage proposal carry this baby with you. Sleep with it under your bed to make two luvers become one and work with it on your luv altar by placing it on a photo of your luver or one to be drawn to have them luv you sweetly.⚡️

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