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Rita's Vibrate Love Bohemian Amulet

Rita's Spiritual Goods

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Rita's Vibrate Love Bohemian Amulet

Rita's one of a kind hand crafted, witch crafted amulets, charms, talisman and altar shrines are the perfect addition to any witch's or spiritual conjurer's home. The will bring in the energy needed to help you manifest your dreams or banish negativity. You can use them as a focal point for mediation, a working altar tool, or simply as a good vibe piece in your home. Sure to bring in good juju, don't miss out on the one calling to you today! They also make perfect unique gifts that people will treasure for life.

Rita's Vibrate Love First has been designed to help you draw on the energy of love within yourself to help put your best self forward on a daily basis. It is a great amulet to work with during a time where you may be feeling low, negative or pessimistic on any avenue of your life. It will help create an energy of aura and love around you and draw out the kindness within so that you can deal with yourself and exterior situations by putting love first, by looking at the whole picture, by breathing before reacting. Give your best self the energy it deserves and watch everything around you turn around with ease. Perfect to hang in the hearth of the home, above your altar or in your bedroom to draw on vibrating love first.

You will receive one amulet per purchase, please allow variation with all hand crafted items, and as always made when he moon is right.

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