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Rita's Uncrossing Hoodoo Wax Mojo Balls - Remove Crossed Conditions

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Rita's Uncrossing Hoodoo Wax Mojo Balls - Remove Crossed Conditions

Rita's Uncrossing Wax Mojo Ball has been designed to rid crossed conditions placed on you, whether it be from an angry mother in law to a terrible hex this will help lift those conditions to ease the negative energy forced upon you. Throw it onto the property of someone who has crossed you, engrave the name or crossed situation into ball and burn it or carry it with you until the condition has changed and then place it in your freezer for three dark moon cycles upon the forth removing for burial.

Rita's Wax Mojo Balls are filled with herbs, resins, roots, seeds whatever it takes to create the magical energy they hold. They are hand poured and scented with Rita's signature ritual oils to enhance their energy drawing. You can carry them with you, place them in a cloth bag and keep them on your person, add them to your altar, use them in a specific ritual, or place them in a precarious place to get the most work out of them.

You will receive ONE Hoodoo Wax Mojo Ball per purchase, size will vary and as always made when the moon is right..

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