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Rita's Twin Flames Spiritual Mist Spray Draw in Unconditional Love, Find Your Twin Flame

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Rita's Twin Flames Spiritual Mist Spray Draw in Unconditional Love, Find Your Twin Flame
Rita's Twin Flame Spiritual Mist Spray is designed to help to bring your soul mate to you, your twin flame who shares your passions and emotional fire. Unconditional love is that of one who keeps your soul, someone who rides the ebb and flow of your waves yet never sails away. This is as pure as the person who loves you unconditionally and never judges, never assumes or insinuates false accusations of your character. As carefree and loving of one who never expects yet gives from the heart, no strings attached. This is one who walks beside you, not in front of you or behind you. It is not easy to find, but when you do, you know.

Rita's Spiritual Mist Sprays are hand brewed. Carry one with you or keep it in the home, office or car for when you need a quick cleansing. These sprays are perfect to use throughout the day to clear negativity away from your personal space and revive the energy around you.

Rita's Twin Flames Spiritual Mist Spray in a 4 ounce spray bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

Please note true traditional hoodoo sprays are made to be shaken upon use as some settle make occur of the juju inside, this also helps to charge the energy of the spray before you spritz. Please also note that some sprays may stain fabrics due to oils, resins and/or color even though the color is water based (most of the time washing in cool water with woolite on delicate cycle will work though).

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