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Rita's Turritella Tumbled Crystals - TWO PACK - Protection, Sooth Traumas, Balance Inner Self, Overcome Negativity

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Rita's Turritella Tumbled Crystals - TWO PACK - Protection, Sooth Traumas, Balance Inner Self, Overcome Negativity

It is believed that certain gemstones have magical properties with astonishing implications for love and life. If you carry a stone with you the vibrations emitted from that particular stone will lead to a higher level of positivity. The positive energy will then attract to your soul like a magnet and draw in the particular magical properties of that stone.

Turritella Agate is a record keeper crystal, holding within wisdom from the past. With its revitalizing energy, Turritella Agate helps with luck, perspective, and outlook in life.  Turritella protects during transitions. This stone helps you to see how you have won, regardless of the outcome. It is a great stone for past lives work as it attunes us with our true inner-self which serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth.  It helps us overcome negativity in all forms. A great stone for grounding and connecting with the Earth. Also a good stone for soothing traumas of the past and moving forward. It can also assist you in connecting to your family lineage and your ancestral roots. Used as a ‘worry’ stone or the term I prefer ‘soothing’ stone to play with when you are feeling anxious to release its balancing calming vibration

Primary Chakra is the Root or Base, however, Turritella Agate can be used on all Chakras starting with the Base/Root Chakra and allowing the energy to flow and spiral up.

You will receive TWO stones per purchase. Size will vary.


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