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Rita's Transformation Bath Salts to Transform Your Life, Begin a New

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Rita's Transformation Bath Salts to Transform Your Life, Begin a New

Rita's Transformation bath salts are a combination of 4 different types of salt, including sea salts, and seed scrub to help moisturize your skin. They are perfect to just dump a spoonful into your bath tub and be absorbed into the warm water or they work fantastic as a daily body scrub (this is the way I luv to use them).

Rita's Transformation has been carefully designed to help transform your life. You cannot move forward without cleansing, shedding and preparing for new beginnings, sometimes it is just the thing you need in order to start fresh.

Use these salts when you are ended one karmic path or cycle and ready to start another, use it at the beginning of a new year to help you keep your resolutions to yourself or when you are looking for a fresh start. The oil will draw on several different properties to help balance you while cleaning the slate so to speak. It will make sure you are successful in your transformation, whatever that may mean to you.

Properties of this blend are increases clairvoyance, assists meditation, protects from physical harm, clears negativity, brings success to wearer, instills change.

Rita's Trasformation bath salts come in a beautiful 8 ounce mason jar, perfect for recycling, and as always made when the moons is right.

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