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Rita's Superstition Mountains Stones
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I have recently picked up these beautiful stones from the foothills of Superstition Mountains in Arizona. It is quite breathtaking and is surrounded by mystery and folklore of strange happenings. Needless to say the Earth there “feels” intense yet peaceful.

These stones were hand picked by me and my daughter. There is something very magical about each and everyone of them. If you love to collect pieces of Earth like I do, you must include one of these into your collection.

Stories of the Mountains

The superstition Mountains have long been a place of unexplained paranormal stories and legends of lost treasures., From the stories of the Lost Dutchman’s mines, to being a place of multiple portals where Reptilian humanoids come up from the depths of the Otherworldly to prey upon hapless human victims, and unearthly lights that glow at night lighting up the delicate desert skies, as ships come to and fro between dimensions, this has always been a place of mystery, and obsessive exploration by brave adventurers who would debark into its depths to seek out its unrevealed secrets never to return.

There is a warning with the mountains to NEVER LINGER AFTER DARK! Things happen here that cannot be explained. Here the crust that lies between this world and others must be very thin, for the access to inner Earth is almost an open field. In the space of a day one can experience several time and dimensional shifts, with temperatures reaching over 130 degrees f in the day and dropping to 50 degrees in a matter of a few hours as the
sun sets.

It is also said that portals exist here. If you do come across one keep in mind that if you can pass through then something can pass through going in the opposite direction. Also some Sipapoos are stationary others are moving, yes I said moving from one location to another like waves of energy. Also they are not always accessible, some are open all the time, most are not, so if you went through one, there is no guarantee it will be open when and if you return

Nothing should come to any great surprise to you in the Superstition Mountain area. Don't be shocked if in one minute you turn about to see an old Indian or prospector standing in the distance starring at you...or even a little person. You blink your eyes and 'they've disappeared'. That's part of the norm. Or you find missing time you can not account for, but reach in your pocket to find a piece of gold or crystal. That, my friend, is also part of the norm.


When Earth Doctor stuck his staff into the ground to cause the flood, and water covered the earth, most of the people perished, but some escaped and followed White Feather, who fled to the top of Superstition Mountains. The water rose, covering all the valley until it was as high as the line of white sandstone which is a conspicuous landmark. White Feather, surrounded by his followers, tried all his magic in vain to prevent the further rise of the flood.
When he saw he was powerless to prevent this, he gathered all his people and consulted them, saying, “I have exhausted all magic powers but one, which I will now try.” Taking in his left hand a medicine stone from his pouch, he held it at arm's length, at the same time extending his right hand toward the sky.

After he had sung four songs he raised his hand and seized the lightning and with it struck the stone which he held. This broke into splinters with a peal of thunder and all his people were transformed into the pinnacles of stone which can now be seen projecting from the summit of one of the peaks of the Superstition Mountains.

As legend has it, the Apache Indians chased a group of Mexican miners, said to be working for the Peraltas, into this area and killed them all, taking their mules for food but leaving panniers full of gold ore scattered about the ground. It is said, that if one sits very quietly he/she can hear the spirit sounds of the past massacre. Here you can also see the fabled Pima people, who were turned to stone.

Some Apaches believe that the hole leading down into the lower world is located in the Superstition Mountains. Winds blowing from the hole are supposed to be the cause of severe dust storms.

You will receive one Superstition Mountain Stone, all vary in shape and size.

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