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Rita's Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Bohemian Amulet - Honor Spirits, Celebrate Ancestors Passed, Draw Loved Ones Near, Sweet Memories

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Rita's Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Bohemian Amulet - Honor Spirits, Celebrate Ancestors Passed, Draw Loved Ones Near, Sweet Memories

Rita's one of a kind hand crafted, witch crafted amulets, charms, talisman and altar shrines are the perfect addition to any witch's or spiritual conjurer's home. The will bring in the energy needed to help you manifest your dreams or banish negativity. You can use them as a focal point for mediation, a working altar tool, or simply as a good vibe piece in your home. Sure to bring in good juju, don't miss out on the one calling to you today! They also make perfect unique gifts that people will treasure for life.

Rita's Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Bohemian Amulet has been designed to be used to honor the spirits around you and celebrate those who have gone before you, welcome them with your light and keep their sweet memories alive with joy and love. Perfect to hang in your home as the veil gets thinner. Will surely help draw in messages and signs from those deep in your heart.

The Day of the Dead or El Día de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration of dead ancestors which occurs on November 1 and November 2, right alongside celebrations of Halloween/Samhain and All Souls Day. This holiday celebrates our dearly departed joyfully with families going to graves and cleaning them and decorating them with ofrendas (offerings) of food, booze, toys, sweets and marigolds which attract the souls of the dead to their offerings.

One very common traditional supply is the sugar skull placed in the offering to welcome the return of the spirit. They are vibrant and happy decorated with glitter and sequence and very cheerful. These are offered in remembrance of the sweetness in life and of the dearly departed's life as well as a symbol of life and death. Typically families will write the name of the departed on the skull and then pass it around ad eat it.

You will receive one amulet per purchase, please allow variation with all hand crafted items, and as always made when he moon is right.

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