Rita's Spring Gypsy Hand Brewed Oil to Bring Out Your Inner Gypsy, Playful Luv, New Growth

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Rita's Spring Gypsy Hand Brewed Oil to Bring Out Your Inner Gypsy, Playful Luv, New Growth
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This is another one of those oils that was created, really by a power other than me, and when I say this I mean the urge to create it came from another triple sign.

Gypsies have been called anything from "wise women," to "witches" to "nomads" to "exotic" ~ however you call them their is always an air of mystique that surrounds them and their ritual ways.

Spring is a time of renewal, new growth, a time when everyone starts to move around again after a long dark. It is a time of attraction and playful love, a time when you feel free, free enough to take on the world.

I took these two basic foundations and meditated on the signs that brought me to this scent and created "Spring Gypsy."  This scent is like a spring flower in bloom, the kind of scent where you walk by something and say "oh my god what is that?" and start smelling every flower, tree and shrub to identify it....and then you smell it the rest of the day.

With properties such as wishes, protection, exotic and sensuous attraction, highten spiritual vibrations combined together under the new moon, this oil will release the spring gypsy in you allowing you to be free to create and love on a higher spiritual level...you will leave your aura of mystique wherever you go!

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Client Review:

"When I wore this oil I felt as if I was being followed around by a beautiful, ghost like vapor. The aroma is so delicate and other worldly; I’ve never smelled ANYTHING like it! Its beauty is almost surreal, a spectral floral dancing on the thinnest of air. It feels exquisitely ethereal and quietly magnetic. It has the hauntingly romantic feel of a bundle of hand-written, perfumed, love letters wrapped in lace and stashed away in a secret drawer. I put a bit of this oil on a few strands of my hair on a windy day. With every gust of wind the aroma swirled around me. The effect was more than pretty, it was truly spiritual."


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