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Rita's Solitary Service 7 day Ritual Candle Service - Customized to Your Petition, Manifestation, Needs

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Rita's  Solitary Service 7 day Ritual Candle Service - Customized to Your Petition, Manifestation, Needs

Rita's 7 Day Ritual Candle Service will be performed specifically during the proper moon cycle and start on the proper day of the week according to your petition needs to focus on one particular energy. This is a solitary service, so this ritual will be focused solely on your petition.  You will not receive a tangible item as an outcome of this ritual, this is pure energy drawing, releasing, offering etc. Please read the whole description for any specific instructions required for purchase or participation.  Once the ritual has been conducted, a picture will be emailed to the address provided at checkout.

Services may be focused on love, money, banish, health, healing etc .  To take part in this ritual service I will need the following:

1. Full name (first, middle and last) 

2. Date of Birth 

3. Statement of petition, please email me through contact on website with any and all questions, we can work on this together if need be.

4. The above information should be placed in the "message" area when checking out, do not email it, do not message it, it must be in this area during checkout.

5. You be informed which day your scheduled petition will take place. 

Please note ritual image pics may be used for marketing purposes but will never include personal information regarding ritual petition.


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