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Rita's Sacral Chakra Hand Dipped Ritual Incense - SAMPLE - Energy, Passion, Life Force, Pleasure, Emotional Grounding

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Rita's Sacral Chakra Hand Dipped Ritual Incense - SAMPLE - Energy, Passion, Life Force, Pleasure, Emotional Grounding

Your Sacral Chakra is the center for creativity, feelings, sensations, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, connection, passion and enjoyment. If this chakra is blocked you will have a hard time connecting to life and navigating your emotions, feeling in the moment, transforming or self love will all suffer. This is the chakra that allows you to let go and move on, to be a confident and free spirit while remaining grounded emotionally. This is also the chakra that will allow you to accept your own sexuality or deny it. Consider it the center of well being, happiness and passionate feelings on a whole.

Rita's Sacral Chakra Hand Dipped Ritual Incense has been designed to help you work with this chakra to work through any debris that is blocking it while clearing an opening for you to allow yourself to be the passionate being you are, feeling sensations that help you thrive to transform into the free loving happy spirit you are channeling. Consider it the fuel to your fire. Work with this spray to become present in you.

Rita's Sacral Chakra Incense comes with 2 SAMPLE sticks and as always made when the moon is right. All mist sprays are original recipes unique to Rita's Spiritual Goods.


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