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Rita's Ruby Fuchsite Ritual Stone - Open Your Heart to Receive Psychic Messages

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Rita's Ruby Fuchsite Ritual Stone - Open Your Heart to Receive Psychic Messages
Rita's Ruby Fuchsite Ritual Stone is a unique stone that blends the energies of both the Ruby and Fuchsite.

The combination of Ruby and Fuchsite help to open and enhance psychic awareness.  Laying with Ruby Fuchsite on the Third-Eye can awaken latent psychic abilities by opening up the Heart Chakra to receive information from the Third-Eye Chakra.  Use Ruby Fuchsite when working with any healing modality as this stone will help to amplify the body's energy field.

Ruby Fuchsite enhances the connection to spiritual realms, thinning the veil between this 3rd density reality and the other dimensions.  Ruby Fuchsite is a perfect companion to use when connecting and communicating with the spirit world.  This combination of two complementary colored crystals opens and activates the Crown Chakra and is helpful in deepening meditative states. Resonating with the Heart and Crown chakras, it brings one to an understanding of higher love. It is said to assist one in meeting their twin soul or soul mate.

Fuchsite assists in personal interactions, wellness and productivity. It enhances knowledge and "right action." Ruby, the stone of nobility, stimulates the life-force energies and heart chakra bringing with it loving emotions, nurturing, spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. Ruby you will find a powerful aid in bringing good health, good fortune, and prosperity into your life.

You will receive one stone per purchase size and color will vary.


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