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Rita's Rough Apatite Ritual Crystal - Insight, Creativity, Imagination. Release, Higher Consciousness

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Rita's Rough Apatite Ritual Crystal - Insight, Creativity, Imagination. Release, Higher Consciousness
It is believed that certain gemstones have magical properties with astonishing implications for love and life. If you carry a stone with you the vibrations emitted from that particular stone will lead to a higher level of positivity. The positive energy will then attract to your soul like a magnet and draw in the particular magical properties of that stone.

Apatite is said to enhance insight, imagination, creativity and increase self confidence. It helps stimulate intellect and promote realization of one's own strengths spiritually and psychically. It helps restore clear thought patterns and process which opens your higher self.

When working with this stone it seems easy to let go of things that no longer serve you, it is almost a freeing energy that you receive when you hold this stone in your hand, the kind of feeling you have when you look up at the sky and it's crystal clear and brilliant blue, the energy of endless possibilities takes over. It is a great stone for self reflection and feelings of luv without judgement.

For this purpose, one should hold a piece of Apatite and begin meditative state. Once the correct state is attained, visualize the person, problem or particular item, and begin to envision it being pushed or moved further and further away in whatever manner works best.  Practice this meditation once each day for seven continuous days. At the end of the seven days, there will be a change of location or a better control of the emotions that once created a tie to the inappropriate or necessary person, problem, or item.

You will receive ONE stone per purchase, they will vary in size, shape and color.


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