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Rita's Rose of Jericho Wash for Abundance, Rebirth, Inner Power, Peace, Self Confidence

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Rita's Rose of Jericho Wash for Abundance, Rebirth, Inner Power, Peace, Self Confidence

Rita's Rose of Jericho Wash has been designed to draw on the energy of the Rose of Jericho. The plant is said to bring you peace, abundance, confidence and inner power.  It is the perfect wash to work with during any period of transformation or rebirth as it will help revive your zest for life and restore your faith and belief in yourself.

Add Rita's Washes to your bath water to increase personal power and cleanse your aura. To increase your power 3 fold, always burn incenses during your spiritual bath and anoint yourself with spiritual oils when you are finished. You may also add them to your favorite floor wash, or to a bowl of hot water to wash your floors. As always test a small area before committing.
Rita's Rose of Jericho Wash comes in an 8oz Glass Bottle, and as always made when the moon is right.

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