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Rita's Ritual Crone Stone - New Beginnings, Luck, Offering, Protection, Psychic Intuition

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Rita's Ritual Crone Stone - New Beginnings, Luck, Offering, Protection, Psychic Intuition

Rita's Crone Stones have been hand gathered from a quaint little West Coast beach. These particular stones were formed from the pebbles and waves and shells of the pacific ocean and each has their own unique energy. These that I am about to list here, have specific energies to me when I picked them up, it is as if each stone has a their own story to tell, a special place where a spirit has found a home.

Typically these types of stones are referred to as "hag stones" for me I have never quite settled with this name as I get an immediate negative connotation with it. I like to refer to them as "Crone Stones" as their paths have been well traveled, aging with each tumble, and the energy of the stone is strong. These stones are traditionally used for protection from curses, hexes and the evil eye as well as wishes and "seeing" into other spirit or fairy realms. Being made by the ocean these stones are also good to work with for new beginnings, goddess offerings, luck, cleansing, fertility, intuition and meditation to open your third eye.

I have spent time with each of these stones, collecting, carrying, cleansing and shaking them and each one really has it's own personality. Some still have tiny pebbles and shells in them that rattle when you shake the stone. They are rare to find and my supply is limited.

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