Rita's Pocket Car Hoodoo Charm Amulet Jar - Protection, Saftey, Lucky Car juju

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Rita's Pocket Car Hoodoo Charm Amulet Jar - Protection, Saftey, Lucky Car juju
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Well we all know by now that Rita the meter maid, when chanted loud and proud can produce some rock star parking spots, but now I have bottles some juju for you to help with a few other car related issues.

Rita's Pocket Car Hoodoo Charm Amulet has been hand crafted to help protect you from accidents, thieves, tickets and draw upon your guardian angels to watch over you while you are on the road with all the "other" drivers.

It is a pocket sized jar so it should fit in your favorite nook of the car or on the dashboard ~ I have included double sided sticky tape for your fastening pleasure.

Carry this one with you when you feel you are being psychically attached by negative people or energies, use this during any banishment ritual or protection ritual, place it in a bush or flower pot outside your front door to ward off unwanted visitors or place it on your altar to protect your positive petitions from naysayers.

Rita's Hoodoo Charm Spell in a Jar(s) have been filled with herbs, resins, seeds, roots, charms, talismans, flowers, spells and anything and everything needed to draw the energy you need when you need it. Carry them it you, place it on your altar, use it to help the feng shui of your home or during any magical ritual. They pack a powerful punch and the more you shake it and feed it, the more it will draw to you.

Rita's Hoodoo Charm Spell in Jar comes in a 6 dram vial and as always made when the moon is right. You will receive ONE random jar per purchase.

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