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Rita's Peacock Stone - Happiness, Joy, Positive Forces, Chakra Alignment - Pagan, Witchcraft, Hoodoo

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Rita's Peacock Stone - Happiness, Joy, Positive Forces, Chakra Alignment - Pagan, Witchcraft, Hoodoo
The Peacock stone is know for it's iridescent colors, which is where it derived it's name. Peacock Ore also compliments an understanding that there is nothing wrong in any aspect of one's incarnation. Everything is for purposeful good. It assists in separating the positive from the negative and allows you to understand the distinct difference.

Peacock Ore is one of the strongest healing stones on the mineral kingdom. It has the ability to align every chakra when applied to a given chakra. The energy within Peacock Ore creates a circular, clockwise motion. Even though it is placed on one chakra, it will affect the other six. It will balance all of your emotions as well and cause rebirth, bringing unity where there is struggle. It will also cast out any thoughts that no longer serve you but hinder you.

It can cause a transformation that removes negative energy and replaces it with a strong, beneficial, positive energy. It possesses the unique property of energizing not only the area on which it is placed, but all affects all of the surrounding area as well. Peacock Ore is a very powerful mineral.

When used for healing, especially in the area above the navel chakra, that is at least one inch above the navel chakra, it assists in the flow of adrenalin. Usually this is done when a person is in an over acid state. The Peacock Ore will increase alkalinity. Also, it can be used to lower calcium levels in the body. This would work well in treating arthritic conditions.

These stones are really quiet something, I can't seem to keep my hands off of them. You will receive ONE stone per purchase, size and color will vary! These are smaller than the others in my shop! Great for mojo bags and pockets ;)

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"Love the peacock rock and love this shop!"

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