Rita's Nyx Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Enhance Personal Power, Rebirth, Transformation, Beauty, Mystery

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Rita's Nyx Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Enhance Personal Power, Rebirth, Transformation, Beauty, Mystery
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Rita's Nyx hand brewed ritual oil has been named after the Greek Goddess of night and darkness and has been designed to help enhance your personal power.  It is the perfect oil to work with when diving into major life transformations, for balance, to make others respect you for who you are and to create an aura of beauty and mystery around you. Perfect for people who are entering a rebirth stage and for those who luv the dark ;)

Rita's Nyx ritual oil comes in a 1/8 ounce perfume bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

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Client Review: "This is an especially unique and deeply intoxicating oil. It is a scent dripping in dark glamour and potent mystery, something an enigmatic siren of the silent film era, like Greta Garbo or Theda Bara would wear. The earthy, carnal aroma with an almost narcotic flair is perfectly suited to the vamp with the heavy lidded, kohl rimmed eyes. The nocturnal enchantress peeking out from under a black lace veil who can slay a man with a single look. The heart of this oil is charged with a mesmerizing and dangerous beauty, but it does have a whisper of powdery sweetness that reveals itself in the dry down. Its hypnotic allure is deep and endless. Wear this on a moonless night and revel in the beauty of sacred darkness."


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