Rita's Money Drawing Ritual Oil Triple Sample Power Pack, Gypsy Gold, Mo Money, No Mo Bad Money Mojo

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Rita's Money Drawing Ritual Oil Triple Sample Power Pack, Gypsy Gold, Mo Money, No Mo Bad Money Mojo
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 Often I get asked what oils to use together to draw the most energy, or how they smell or blend together etc., I finally decided to created some triple sample power packs so that you may sample some oils before diving in deep or get the feel of which oils work best together to draw on specific energies with the most power. These are larger sample sizes and created in packs for specific energy drawing. You can use these oils in your bath, on your person, to anoint your candles or in diffuser.

This particular pack has been created to draw on three of Rita's power packed money oils.

Rita's Gypsy Gold Ritual Oil has been designed to draw in money from unlikely and unexpected places. A gypsy wanders freely with no worries of the how or who or when or why's, but relies on the fact that their freedom is enough and ends will always meet. The properties of Gypsy Gold were carefully created to help draw in money from here, there and everywhere while helping to reassure you it will always be okay.

Rita's Mo Money (Spray) is perfect to help you start drawing money in now! Spray it on your bills, on your wallet, in your purse or as it was designed to charge your money corner and money drawing objects. Perfect to use during any money drawing ritual or during the new moon.

Rita's No Mo Bad Money Mojo has been designed to break a bad money cycle. If you feel like the bills, debt and random money troubles are spiraling out of control and that when it rains it pours work this spray daily to break the empty wallet and bank account syndrome. STOP a bad money cycle in it's track and and start winning again! Spray it over bills, in your wallet, to cleanse your money corners, on your person to stop sabotaging negative money thoughts, before any meeting regarding money or any time you feel as though you are heading into a rough money cycle.

As always made when the moon is right.

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Client Feedback:

"I SWEAR BY GYPSY GOLD!!! In fact I swear by all things RSG has to offer. But this more than anything I have ever purchased works damn near instantly!!!!!"

"Love, love this. I receive multiple compliments every time I wear. I also combine with Obstacle Remover Oil, for a little change up, amazing......."

"Scent is amazing and it really works in small doses, amazing product!"

"Oh this is one of the most gorgeous fragrances I have ever had. I don't want to ever be without it. I love everything in my order. Thank you so much Rita. Blessings!  "

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