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Rita's Mercury Retrograde Ritual Witch Bottle, Careful Communication, Calm, Peace, Balance, Full Circle

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Rita's Mercury Retrograde Ritual Witch Bottle, Careful Communication, Calm, Peace, Balance, Full Circle
I am sure you have all felt the effects of Mercury’s retrograde. Rita's MERCURY RETROGRADE Ritual Witch Bottle was designed to help ease the effects of the retrograde and protect you and help you get through this little planet sleeping with as little repercussions as possible while at the same time invoking a subjective state of mind and a sense of calm.

When Mercury retrogrades it scrambles information, causes static and confusion. Its effects are felt universally. Mercury retrograde episodes are highly unreliable to sign contracts, complete important transactions, access accurate information or make big decisions. Mercury also rules sibling relationships, maps, letters, travel plans, appointments, roadways, vehicles, advertising, publishing, sales, and public relations.

It also rules telecommunications, computing, software, electronic gadgets, the postal service, shipping, couriers, and all forms of transportation. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Mercury spends about two-three weeks in each sign, but when it retrogrades, which it does three to four times a year; it can stay in one sign as long as ten weeks.Use when communicating and around your "mechanics." This planet has a LOT of responsibility. So when it sleeps you are bound to feel the effects of its absence.

It is a good time to "hibernate" and use the retrograde and when used positively it's a great time to take a step back and ask yourself, WHO AM I AND WHERE AM I GOING, WHERE AM I HEADED. It's not a time to write a new chapter but rather go back and edit what you have already written, sort of like cleaning out the desk and closet before you begin anew, a merc retro thus is a time of reflection, a time to relax and read a book.

You will receive now Rita's MERCURY RETROGRADE ritual witch bottle and as always made when the moon is right. 

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