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Rita's Master Key Ritual Witch Bottle - Conjure Your Wishes, Master Your Fate, Open Doors, Bring in Success x 3

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Rita's Master Key Ritual Witch Bottle - Conjure Your Wishes, Master Your Fate, Open Doors, Bring in Success x 3

Rita's Master Key witch bottle is the perfect bottle to work with to bring good fortune, success and good health into your personal life and your business.  Bring the best of the triple 3's into your life and become the master of opening your own doors, be the master of your own will power and strength, become a leader in your life, gain spiritual insight, master your third eye and insight. Have several goals to attain of good health, love, success etc., this is a great bottle to keep on your altar while focusing one at a time to master each area of your life. This bottle comes with a Mookaite Crystal which is said to draws energy from the earth, allowing you to instinctually know the correct direction to take, allow you to remain grounded while manifesting and conjuring your goals.

Rita’s Witch Bottles are hand brewed for a specific purpose and beautifully decorated with the appropriate color correspondences. My magical blend is created using only the highest quality of herbs, flowers, oils, honey, gemstones, charms etc., each individually chosen for the bottles magical intent. 

Once you receive your Witch Bottle, hold it in your hands and visualize your desire. Feel the energy move from your hands into your Witch Bottle. You should shake your bottle when every you need it’s energy moving around you and prayers are to be said while holding or over the bottle every time the spell or ritual work is being done towards it’s intention. Most bottles become a permanent fixture on your altar or in your sacred space.

You will receive one bottle per purchase, and as always made when the moon is right.

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