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Rita's Mama Mary Bohemian Amulet, Let it Be, Protection, Nurturing, Wisdom, Guidance, Peace

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Rita's Mama Mary Bohemian Amulet, Let it Be, Protection, Nurturing, Wisdom, Guidance, Peace

Rita's one of a kind hand crafted, witch crafted amulets, charms, talisman and altar shrines are the perfect addition to any witch's or spiritual conjurer's home. The will bring in the energy needed to help you manifest your dreams or banish negativity. You can use them as a focal point for mediation, a working altar tool, or simply as a good vibe piece in your home. Sure to bring in good juju, don't miss out on the one calling to you today! They also make perfect unique gifts that people will treasure for life.

Blessed Mary, the Divine Mother and Light is empty of all egotism, free from all sin, and is the light of the sun. To bathe in Mary's divine light is to praise her. And of course it might be argued that in such a case we might well forget the window altogether. She is the pure reflection of the loving care of a human Mother, and to be grateful for the nurturing luv we receive as well as give. She reminds us to respect the nature around us as well as all living things. To live in light.

She is the manifestation of forgiveness, healing and human kindness. Seeking the guidance of the divine mother and her divine light will bring peace to your heart and will you into forward motion motivated by luv and light. To give unconditionally and from the heart will transform your light.

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