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Rita's Leek Quartz Rough Ritual Point Crystal - Cleanse Gunk Out of Heart, Amplify Energy, Good Fortune

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Rita's Leek Quartz Rough Ritual Point Crystal - Cleanse Gunk Out of Heart, Amplify Energy, Good Fortune
It is believed that certain gemstones have magical properties with astonishing implications for love and life. If you carry a stone with you the vibrations emitted from that particular stone will lead to a higher level of positivity. The positive energy will then attract to your soul like a magnet and draw in the particular magical properties of that stone.

Leek Quartz is a strong amplifier of energy, especially when used in combination with other stones. It is the perfect stone to use during your daily meditation and to help you express personal emotions.  This particular stone will help link the energies of the heart chakra with the crown chakra and opens both the crown chakra and the third eye to activate your inner visions, especially in matters of the heart. It helps you attune with Mama nature and opens you spiritually.  It's impact on your heart will help clear up yucky mucky disharmonious energies and completely open you up to be more luving and compassionate. Lastly this stone can also help bring prosperity in your life as they are known for good luck and good fortune and attribute said to stem from the effect it has on it's owners intuition.

I LUV these stones. I luv the way they look, I luv the way the feel, I luv the size, I luv the energy and I luv working with them, they are really quite something...

You will receive ONE stone per purchase, they will vary in size, shape and color.

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