Rita's Hoodoo Juju'd Pomba Gira 6" Taper Candle - Madam of Sex, Fiery Passion, Dominance

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Rita's Hoodoo Juju'd Pomba Gira 6
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Rita's Hoodoo Juju'd Tapers have been bound with beautiful botanical juju carefully selected to enhance the magical properties of the candles divine purpose. Each candle is dressed and blessed and ready for ritual upon receiving.

This particular hoodoo juju'd taper is a Pomba Gira. Pomba Gira is the epitome of female sexuality. She is sometimes depicted as a she devil. with horns and a tail or a beautiful gypsy woman full of vibrant life. She is worshipped with great respect as her wrath can be a force to be reckoned with. She is known to be a generous spirit, kind and very protective of her children, and to hold both female and male attributes. She is associated with fiery passion and all things fire. She is said to be the dark of the night who works the magic of the crossroads and gives the gift of prophecy. She can be mischievous in matters of luv, using sex as her hypnotic weapon. She luvs to dance, and be the center of attention yet approaching her can be very dangerous. She is known throughout many different cultures as a red witch and the mistress of the devil.

Burn this candle to build confidence in your sexuality, to take charge of your fiery passion and to get a luver to obey your wishes ;)

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