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Rita's Helping Hand Witches Salt - For Added Assistance to Any Ritual

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Rita's Helping Hand Witches Salt - For Added Assistance to Any Ritual
Rita’s Helping Hand Witches Salt is perfect to use to help assist you when you need it, it will reach out and rectify all matters and any problems you may have

When using this ritual salt you can recite this mantra during your aura cleansing or energy blessing; I place my sincerest soul before the elements, and in my stress and anxiety I ask you higher powers to bring the most powerful strength of my helping hand to come to aid. I place devotion of my sorrowful heart before you so that I may be forgiven from a destiny of suffering. May the loving kindness of your powerful hand help me and give me strength and wisdom to live in peace and happiness. (concentrate on your desires.) Blessed Be.

Rita’s Helping Hand Witches Salt is used to add extra power into matters where you need extra help and assistance.

You can use Helping Hand Witches Salt to call the quarters of justice and balance.

Add to your bath water or sprinkle around your window sill.

Sprinkle around your ritual candles when drawing in assistants from the 7 African Powers.

Sprinkle the salt over your person before you go to an important meeting or to court.

Use in you mojo bags, for candle blessing or to blow into the four winds while wishing for the assistance you need.

Rita’s Helping Hand Witches Salt comes in a large 1.2 oz glass bottle, and as always made when the moon is right.

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