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Rita's Fortune Teller Friday's - JANUARY - Receive Personal Weekly Fortune Every Friday for One Month

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Rita's Fortune Teller Friday's - JANUARY - Receive Personal Weekly Fortune Every Friday for One Month

 Welcome to Mama Mia's Fortune Teller Friday's! Please be sure to leave your full name and date of birth in message area of check out.


Details: Rita's Mama Mia's Fortune Teller Friday's is a monthly service where each Friday you will receive a personal fortune in your email. Fortune may range to your personal tarot card of the week, lucky number, blind fortune card, angel card, totem card, yes and no divination and other various means of receiving intuitive messages, psychic readings or fortunes.   

Each month you will have an opportunity to purchase a spot for this service, limited space will be available. Once you have secured your spot, upon check out please leave your full name and full birthdate in the message area of checkout. You may leave a question, or energy or information you are seeking answers or guidance to, however there is no guarantee there will be any diving done specifically for your request. It does help me with your personal energy though when I am pulling cards etc. If you purchase a spot after the first your fortunes will be fulfilled the following month.


This is a one month service where you will receive 4 emails ( 5 if the month calls upon it) on Friday (possibly late Thursday evening). In order to partake in this service monthly you will need to claim a spot when the listing becomes available the week before the 1st of the month.


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