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Rita's Fierce Bitch Hoodoo Ritual Witch Bottle - Move on with a Vengeance, Total Confidence, Show Everyone Your Inner Beast, Rise to the Top

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Rita's Fierce Bitch Hoodoo Ritual Witch Bottle - Move on with a Vengeance, Total Confidence, Show Everyone Your Inner Beast, Rise to the Top
Rita's Ritual Petition Witch Bottles have been designed for you to work with daily while harnessing the energy of the particular bottle, making your petitions and your offerings. Each of these large bottles come with a drawstring mojo petition bag which contains a stone whose energy coincides with the energy of the bottle to ensure your petition is being charged while you are working that wish. The bags are not sealed so that you may write your petition or wish down, insert it into the drawstring bag and hang it right back on the bottle to work it's magic. Each bag contains a stone to charge your petition, and each bottle also comes with a 1/8 bottle of special petition blessing oil so that you may anoint the drawstring bag with the oil to add an extra jolt of energy to your petition and wishes.  Once you have worked your full petition you may remove it from the drawstring bag and repeat as often as you like, or simply leave the bag on the bottle with the stone to carry on charging the bottle.

Rita’s Witch Bottles are hand brewed for a specific purpose and beautifully decorated with the appropriate color correspondences. My magical blend is created using only the highest quality of herbs, flowers, oils, honey, gemstones, charms etc., each individually chosen for the bottles magical intent. 

Once you receive your Witch Bottle, hold it in your hands and visualize your desire. Feel the energy move from your hands into your Witch Bottle. You should shake your bottle when every you need it’s energy moving around you and prayers are to be said while holding or over the bottle every time the spell or ritual work is being done towards it’s intention. Most bottles become a permanent fixture on your altar or in your sacred space.

Rita's Fierce Bitch Ritual Petition Witch Bottle has been designed to help empower your inner fierce beast and bitch and show everyone around you the fire within. Paint the town red and move forward in your life with total confidence. This candle is perfect to help you move on with a vengeance from relationships, jobs, friends, family or anyone who doesn't believe in or support you and prove them all wrong. Work with this candle to turn the tables in your favor and rise to the top of your game

You will receive one bottle per purchase, one ritual petition blessing oil and a mojo bag with conjuring crystal and as always made when the moon is right.


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