Rita's Dark Moon Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Release, Banish, Reverse, Retreat, Rest, Soul Searching

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Rita's Dark Moon Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Release, Banish, Reverse, Retreat, Rest, Soul Searching
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Rita's Rita's Dark Moon Ritual oil has been designed to accompany you during the cycles of the dark moon and any dark moon ritual work you may do. It is perfect for releasing what no longer serves you, banishing and reversing negative energies around you or within you, to help induce soul searching before the new moon rebirth. It is also just good to enjoy the dark phase with a little rest and retreat, sullen quiet.

Rita's Dark Moon Ritual oil comes in a 1/8 ounce perfume roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

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Client Review:

"This is so much more than an oil to me, it’s an experience in a bottle. I could sense its power and magic before it even touched my skin. It possesses a powerfully witchy aroma. Like an untamed plot of land overrun by ancient trees, wild growing herbs, and rich dark earth. As I sat in meditation with this oil, a profound and majestic stillness enveloped my entire being. Everything around me and within me slowed down, becoming quiet and lucid. For someone like me, whose mind is always chattering away, this is no easy feat! I felt like I was wearing a giant magnet, as all of my scattered energy was returned to its source of origin. I was being pulled deeper and deeper into my soul, separating my pure essence from all the impostor energy that was tangled and knotted around it. I felt my true self return to me. It was an intensely emotional experience, one that pushed me to uncover my hidden nature. This is one of the most potent oils I have ever used; its power transcends any words I could use to describe it!"


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