Rita's Damballah Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Rainbow After the Rain, Creative Forces Awakening, Transition, New Opportunity

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Rita's Damballah Hand Brewed Ritual Oil - Rainbow After the Rain, Creative Forces Awakening, Transition, New Opportunity
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Rita's Damballah oil has been created to give thanks and an offering to the one of the oldest and wisest Loa Damballa-Wedo.  He is viewed as the loving father of the world, the creator, peacemaker, harmony seeker and as a source of life is associated with water and rain.

Damballah-Wedo is depicted as a serpent or snake, (usually a double snake to represent his partner Ayida-Wedo) and his veves reflect this aspect of him. When he possesses a human, he does not speak but instead only hisses and whistles. His movements are also snake-like, and can including slithering along the ground, flicking his tongue, and climbing tall objects. He is syncretised with the Catholic figures of St. Patrick who drove snakes out of Ireland, Christ the Redeemer, Our Lady of Mercy, and, sometimes, with Moses whose staff turned into a serpent.

Damballah's offerings are very simple and he prefers an egg on a mound of flour or salt, but loves everything white including milk, coconut, and coconut milk, honey, shea butter, rice, mild cigars, bread, and cookies. Some houses also serve him with anisette and corn syrup while kola nuts are also acceptable.

The snake is the symbol of transformation and healing, wisdom expressed through healing, it is a great protector and if Damballah or a serpent has come into your life it means your creative forces are awakening, your intuition will sharpen and be more accurate. This is a transitional phase and feeling these forces of the Loa or the serpent signal new opportunities are coming.

Wear this oil as an offering to the Loa Damballah and seeking his assistance in your transitional phase or to draw on your snake totem for wisdom and insight.

Rita's Damballah oil comes in a 1/8 ounce perfume roller bottle and as always made when the moon is right.


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