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Rita's Crown Chakra Crystal Conjure Mojo Bag - Enlightment, Consciousness, Meditation, Peace

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Rita's Crown Chakra Crystal Conjure Mojo Bag - Enlightment, Consciousness, Meditation, Peace

Your Crown Chakra is the giver and receiver of energy, it detaches your ego so that you may revert to a peace like state while journeying to your truest self. It is the point where universal energies meet your individual consciousness and kiss. It is the high point of your oneness with nature, energy, self, serenitiy, joy and peace. It is self awareness, self enlightenment.  If this chakra is blocked you are fueling your soul by ego driven energy rather than the pure natural energy that abounds us and it will create fear and anxiety in all aspects of our world. Working with Rita's Crown Chakra will help to remind you of the inner peace you hold and bring anxiety and fears back to collective consciousness helping you to realize everything is connected and that we must live with trust and gratitude in order to be open to receive our truest selves. Keep working with this chakra to allow the divine energy to enter you and liberate your ego and spirit.   

Rita's Crown Chakra Crystal Conjure Bag has been designed to help you work with this chakra to work through any debris that is blocking it while clearing an opening for you to allow yourself to be the passionate being you are, feeling sensations that help you thrive to transform into the free loving happy spirit you are channeling. Consider it the fuel to your fire.

What is a mojo bag?

A mojo bag is the staple amulet of hoodoo practice, a flannel, cotton or leather bag containing one or more magical charms and/or roots, resins, herbs, seeds and stones. The word mojo is related to the West African word "mojuba" which means prayer of praise and homage. So a mojo bag is a "prayer in a bag" basically a "spell you carry."

Mojo bags are also commonly reffered to as "gris-gris" bags which is a "Frenchified" spelling of the African word "gree-gree" or "gri-gri" which means "charm." Thus a "gris-gris" bag is a "charm bag."

Some people favor the traditional red flannel bag for their mojo work, however I personally like to incorporate the color symbolism into the bag the same you would for chakras, candle work etc.

Mojos made for an individual are usually carried on the person, traditionally they are always carried out of sight (for years I have practiced mojo work and have never personally kept my bags out of sight of others, usually carry in my hand and set it near me while directly charging)..

The reason that traditionally people would keep their mojo's from being seen is because if another person touches it, the luck may be lost. Something to keep in mind when carrying your mojo, makes sure that others remain in respect of it just as they would your altar space or a candle your are burning in ritual. NEVER TOUCH ANOTHER PERSONS MAGIC!


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