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Rita's Coulter Pine Cones - Abundance, Blessings, Protection, Rebirth

Rita's Spiritual Goods

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Rita's Coulter Pine Cones - Abundance, Blessings, Protection, Rebirth

These Coulter Pine Cones are simply amazing. They are LARGE and heavy and full of tons of magical energy. Probably one of my most favorite things on the earth.

Pine cones naturally attract good luck and abundance, bless and protect your home, increase harvest and fertility and mend broken hearts of any kind. Pine cones remind people of their hopes and dreams while continuing a cycle of rebirth between the light and the dark. They heal and transform while present you with limitless possibilities. Personally I have been obsessed with pine cones forever, always collecting them and keeping them in my house and on my porch. Their energy spirals upwards and reminds you to keep going. Their energy is powerful and being an earth sign, i LUV having them all around. One of my personal favorites.

You will receive ONE per purchase.

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