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Rita's Blue Aragonite Ritual Egg - Healing, Calming, Stress Relief, Meditation, Insight

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Rita's Blue Aragonite Ritual Egg - Healing, Calming, Stress Relief, Meditation, Insight

It is believed that certain gemstones have magical properties with astonishing implications for energy and life. If you carry a stone with you the vibrations emitted from that particular stone will lead to a higher level of positivity. The positive energy will then attract to your soul like a magnet and draw in the particular magical properties of that stone.

Eggs have had their place in kitchen witchery and magic for ages. The egg symbolizes fertility, mystery and the wonder of creation, the essence of life and rebirth. It is surrounded by much folklore and religious tradition from all over the world. Eggs have been used to ensure fertility, smeared on farm tools to ensure abundant crops, broken at the threshold of a new home before entering for protection from evil, divination, sigils, to draw on powers of the sun, to represent all four elements - the shell earth, the membrane air, the yolk fire, egg white as water etc, medicinally, decorated and placed at grave sites for rebirth etc.

The magical properties for eggs are healing, fertility, rebirth, transformation, abundance, creativity, balance and protection.

Blue Aragonite is said to aid in healing stress and anxiety.  Other properties of this stone are releasing fears, overcoming addictions, weight loss, courage, letting go of stubborn behaviors, spiritual development and creative expression.

Combining the powerful symbol of the egg with the magical properties of the stones creates a very energy enhanced tool for any witch.

If you want to "see" who your true luv is, place this egg in front of a fire on a rainy night. Collect the rainwater and add a pinch of sea salt to it.  Place the egg in the bowl of rain saltwater and set it next to your bed, it is said you should dream of the face of your luver and that is the person you will marry!


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