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Rita's Bloodroot Ritual Vial - Release, Repel and Transform

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Rita's Bloodroot Ritual Vial - Release, Repel and Transform

Rita's Bloodroot Ritual Vial has been designed to help you manifest it's magical properties. Bloodroot is used to repel negativity, attract love, help you to be more proactive and positive and purifies your thoughts.

To harness these properties and more here are a few ways to use your Bloodroot Ritual Vial...

Carry the vial with you to help give you the courage to face anything and release limited beliefs.

To release and let go of things that no longer serve you sleep with the vial under your pillow for one month. At the end of the month bury the vial in your garden to reaffirm the release and watch your life transform.

You can carry it in your purse or wallet to attract abundance.

You can also place the vial outside the front door of you home to protect your house and make sure only loving, kind and caring people enter.

You will receive ONE per purchase.

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Client Feedback:

"I used one of these previously to treat a memory that's been clawing at me for about 30 years, was floored at how effective it was. It's time for some emotional housekeeping."

"These are the greatest, my wife saw how well this worked on an issue I had and wanted one of her own."

"This is an intense, potent and powerful vial. It genuinely works and I highly recommend it! Since I have been sleeping with it under my pillow, I have not had a single nightmare and I have slept like a rock! I cannot remember the last time I had a good nights sleep that was not disturbed by nightmare/s and by stress waking me up multiple times throughout the night. Although in the description it is not listed that you will sleep like a baby and not suffer from nightmares needless to say it was a wonderful and welcome bonus. It has definitely helped me each day in releasing and expelling unwanted thoughts and memories. I cannot wait for the 30-day mark to bury it along with all the negative thoughts and memories. Make sure you wrap it (I put clear tape over the red wax) or the red wax will smear onto your pillowcase and sheets. "


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