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Rita's Banish and Reverse Cascarilla Powder - Banish, Reverse & Protect

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Rita's Banish and Reverse Cascarilla Powder - Banish, Reverse & Protect

Rita's Banish and Reverse Cascarilla Powder is not your typical egg shell powder. This powder has been ground down into and mixed with Rita's very own banish and reverse juju to specifically help in the assistance of breaking hexes, ridding oneself of negative energies and entities and reversing the evil eye or any black magic thrown your way.

Sprinkle this powder around the entrances of your home to keep out unwelcome guests and negative energy. Use this during any ritual work involving banishing hexes, reversing black magic binding, or to release negative energies surrounding you. You can blow this powder down the path of your enemy, sprinkle it in your office space, rub on the palm of your hands when meeting with unfavorable people, or use it on your person or in your hair as a protective shield.

You can use this powder in accordance to any warrior deity work such as Kali or Oya even Archangel Michael and call upon their fierce energy to help you banish the black.

The tradition of spreading or using Cascarilla powder has been used in Santeria magic for thousands of years to remove negative energy and vibrations so that they can be replaced by positive energy and occurrences. Adding specific juju to help achieve success to this already powerful ritual tool maximizes it's magical purpose and intention.

Rita's Banish and Reverse Cascarilla Powder comes in a 1 ounce corked bottle and as always made when the moon is right.

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