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Rita's Amethyst Crystal Point - Violet Flame, Cleanse Karmic Debt, Transformation - Pagan, Magic, Hoodoo

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Rita's Amethyst Crystal Point - Violet Flame, Cleanse Karmic Debt, Transformation - Pagan, Magic, Hoodoo
Rita's Rough Cut Amethyst Crystal Points are the perfect stone to help you cut through illusions and develop psychic abilities. They strengthen intuition, healing energy, channeling powers and inspiration. When you meditate if you lay down and set this stone with the point right in the center of your brow, it will help bring you to a higher spiritual plane, opening up doorways of past lives and worldy spiritual connections.  This stone helps ward of evil, negativity and psychic attacks and can help change evil energies into luving energies.

Keep this point near your tarot cards or anything you may use for divination to keep them charged with intuitive powers. Make sure to charge these by moonlight rather than sunlight to keep them from fading.  These points can also be used to charge and cleanse any other stones you may have.

These beautiful Amethyst points are also well known crystals for carrying the violet flame healing vibration... Find the time and space in which to confront your life and discern what there is in it that pleases you and what in it that does not, and then work consciously with the violet flame to help transform your life. You may access the energies of the violet flame through the vibration of the amethyst.

The Violet flame is the gift of the Ascended Masters to help you transform your karma by the power of Light.

SELF-TRANSFORMATION was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists. They sought a way to change the lead of negative human energy into the gold of divine energy, and some of them achieved this by using the violet flame.

"The violet flame is a powerful spiritual energy. When we lovingly invoke it, it transmutes our karmic records into pure light and helps us pay our debt to life. I like to think of it as a flaming ‘cosmic soap’ that washes away the karmic stains from the white garment of our consciousness."

Invocation to the Violet Flame
I AM the Violet Flame, in action in me now
I AM the violet flame, to Light alone I bow
I AM the violet flame in Mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God shining every hour
I AM the violet flame blazing like the sun.
I AM God's sacred power, freeing everyone.

You will receive ONE large amethyst point size will vary.


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