Rita's 2 Large Gold Lodestones with Magnetic Sand to Draw in Wealth and Prosperity

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Rita's 2 Large Gold Lodestones with Magnetic Sand to Draw in Wealth and Prosperity
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Lodestones have long been associated with the "lore of attraction" and considered by many as a "magical" stone. Lodestones are natural magnets and are used in all sorts of spells, primarily to attract certain conditions toward you.

Carry your Lodestone as a good luck charm, use it in ritual spells or keep one in your home. Place a Lodestone in a charm bag with other stones to make them more powerful, drawing greater wealth, stronger love and better health.

Magnetic Sand is used to “feed” the lodestones to keep them alive and a pinch or two is added to the bag in which the stones are kept once a week.

Here are just some of the powers attributed to the Lodestone and how these `magical stones' have been used through out the ages.

Attract Love - Carry two lodestones in a small red bag. Love attracting herbs such as rose, yarrow or lavender are often added to strengthen the vibrations.

Business Success - Place a lodestone with gold magnetic sand on it in the cash register or cash box. Burn green candles around a Lodestone to bring in customers.

Friendship - If you have just moved to a new place or started a new job, carry a Lodestone to meet new friends.

Protection - Carry a Lodestone for protection. It is believed that a Lodestone will absorb negativity but not return it.

Healing - It is believed that Lodestone owing to its magnetic powers, draws out disease and pain from the body. The stone can be passed over or placed directly on the afflicted part of the body.

Cool Tempers - The Lodestone is also worn to smooth over troubles, especially arguments in a relationship thus allowing true communication.

Fidelity - women wore a Lodestone to ensure that their wandering husbands returned home.

Impotency - Men suffering from sexual dysfunction would hold a Lodestone in their receptive hand, visualizing satisfactory, complete, joyous sexual relations. Once this was done he then carried the stone with him or placed it beneath the mattress to release its powers.

You will receive 18 small lodestones nested in gold magnetic sand in a 6 dram vial to empower you with the drawing energy of 3x3x3 as well as a vial of silver magnetic sand to feed your stones with energy. This vial has been left unsealed so that you may write your wishes or what you are drawing to you on a piece pf parchment paper (not included) fold it up and place it in the jar. As you shake the jar and feed the stones the petition inside shall be granted.

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