Rita's Magical Earth Star Pods

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Rita's Magical Earth Star Pods
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I have had a few of these for years on my altar. I found my original pods on a walk near my house (yes I am the girl who is always picking up "earth" things from the ground and putting them in her pocket)..The minute I picked them up and saw the 5 pointed star engraved inside I knew I had to have them for my altar. "Earth Stars" were first brought to me during the dark night sky of the new moon, which indeed fits their magical properties.

I have used these on my altar, but they also can be used in any healing or protection ritual or mojo bag and blend. You can carry them with you for extra protection or keep them near when not feeling well. They are also a psychic cleanser of negative energies, especially from arguments and fights. I of course encourage you to keep at least on of them on your altar.

These are not easy to find or harvest so there is a very limited quantity, once they are gone well I am not sure how soon they come back. This listing is for two Earth Stars, which vary in shape and size, sorry you cannot have my pine cones or garden fairy!

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