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Rita's War Rose Water Pocket Protection Witch Bottle

Rita's Spiritual Goods

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Rita's War Rose Water Pocket Protection Witch Bottle

Rita's War Rose Water Pocket Protection Witch Bottle has been designed to be carried with you during times of strife to protect you from your enemies.

It is a potent blend of war rose water, enough to keep you stronger than those working against you while keeping peace in your heart, a coffin nail to protect you and defy negativity and gold magnetic sand to ensure your upper hand of success in any war.

Some chose to throw this where there enemy resides as a curse but I believe it is better served protecting you on your person.

You will receive ONE per purchase. As always made when the moon is right.

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Client Feedback:

"Visually just jaw dropping this bottle is just crackling with power. Someone has been working against me and I can tell already this is going to more than even the playing field. Wow."

"I love this and carry it with me everywhere. Will return again and again."

"Wonderful and handy item. One can clearly feel the intense protective energy instilled within it. Placeing it within my home instantly provided a secure and uplifted feeling. Rita is simply amazing. :) A customer for life." X

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