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Rita's Rough Cut Quartz Crystal Point

Rita's Spiritual Goods

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Rita's Rough Cut Quartz Crystal Point
Radiating the white light energy of the Universe, clear quartz is “light” made “solid.” It clears and amplifies thoughts, focuses and stores energy and information, and can be used to clear and activate chakras for purification and healing. Quartz is an all purpose crystal and can be used in any kind of magical workings. As a rule of thumb, when you are in doubt or you lack the proper stone, use quartz.

Please see my blog for a healing ritual designed to be used with these stones:


You will receive one Quartz Crystal per purchase, size and shape will vary.

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Client Feedback:

"I highly recommend Rita's Rough Cut Quartz Crystal point. I now always place it on my Third Eye during my meditations. The energy that emits from it is unbelievable! I truly feel it moving as its coaxing my third eye open. I simply charged it and voila! I do plan on getting another one or two!"

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