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Rita's 2 Osha Root for Mystical Dreaming, Healing and Love

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Rita's 2 Osha Root for Mystical Dreaming, Healing and Love

This is one of the most important herbs of the Native Americans who considered it sacred and was widely esteemed by them for its broad and effective warm healing power. Many tribes burned it as incense for purification to ward off airborne illness in their homes and also subtle negative influences and thoughts. Osha is said to be associated with mystical dreaming as well. The strength of this herb is immediately apparent by its strong odor, some say a butterscotch smell.

This root is said to show the real meaning of love when used as well as attract love, expand your social circle and help you travel safely. Adding a piece of the root to your bathwater will help you feel more attractive and open to receiving love. Once you know you are special you will project that energy out and people will start responding accordingly. Bathing in the water also opens you up deeper spiritually.

You can place a small bit in your shoe or tied to your shoe lace during travel to ensure safety and also help with fatigue.

You will receive 2 pieces of root, size will vary.


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