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Rita's Lepidolite Rough Cut Ritual Stone to Alliviates Stress, Stone of Transformation, Self Preservation, Emotional Balance

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Rita's Lepidolite Rough Cut Ritual Stone to Alliviates Stress, Stone of Transformation, Self Preservation, Emotional Balance
Rita's Lepidolite Ritual Stone is the perfect stone for those of you who are in emotional turmoil and/or stress. It is also perfect to help heal the soul and is a powerful tool to help remove pain physically and emotionally. I personally find this one of the most powerful pieces of earth i have ever come in contact with, being used many times for many different situations of healing, stress relief and calm centering allowing you to focus on the transformation. Carry this stone with you, place it on your altar, use it for ritual photo spell work to help ease pain, place in a mojo for self transformation and stress relief...the possibilities are endless.

"Lepidolite is a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It is extremely useful in the reduction of depression as well as stress. It is used to halt obsessive thoughts, and relieves despondency, as well as overcomes insomnia. Lepidolite is supportive in releasing one from addictions and complains of all kinds, including anorexia.

Called a 'stone of transformation" it releases and reorganized old psychological and behavioral patterns, thus inducing change. It also assists in the change by inducing calm through transitions, trusting that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. It encourages independence and achieving goals without outside help. Lepidolite engenderers and enhances, self-love, patience and optimism. It is wonderful for dreamwork, rebirthing and for dream recall. t can also bring a growing energy to gardening and agriculture.

Lepidolite is known to clear out all of the redundant messages and voices form the past that hold us back from happiness and/or success. It will aid in attracting supportive friends and colleagues, as well as bring opportunities to succeed. It will help any and all living in unavoidably stressful experiences (such as city dwellers) to maintain a calm, and serene center. Alleviates stress and despondency. Helps one during periods of transition. Brings to awareness old patterns and needed changes, while assisting the user through the transitions with optimism. Allows for smooth change. Promote self-preservation. Aids business.

Promotes spiritual transcendence, cosmic awareness, emotional balance, meditation, prayer and goodness. Lepidolite is able to dissolve many blockages from the past that manifest in our present life. In addition, this stone is able to induce deep relaxed states of mind, peace and serenity. Some crystal therapy healers use it as a tool for diagnostic purposes during the crystal healing seances.

Due to it's calming properties and its often vividly purple color, it can be used in rituals or carried to promote spirituality. It is a mineral carried to attract good luck, it also drives off negativity, although it's protective properties are not extremely strong.

To promote a restful nights sleep free of nightmares, place Lepidolite near the headboard of the bed.

Healing Properties:
Placed on the body, Lepidolite is used to locate the site of the body's dis-ease; vibrating gently to indicate the source. Lepidolite will strengthen the immune system, restructures DNA, enhances the generation of negative ions. It relieve allergies, exhaustion, epilepsy and Alzheimer's. It is detoxifier for the skin and connective tissue. It is an excellent stone for menopause, especially as an elixir.

When combined with Rubellite (pink tourmaline) it is an extraordinarily powerful agent for calming and healing, especially in the emotional areas. Lepidolite can be laid directly on painful parts of the body, it helps with nerve pain, sciatica, neuralgia and joint problems.

Lepidolite is known as a powerful pain remover, it can also reduce the ill-effects of anesthetic and dependency on medications, alcohol, tobacco or food. It is also told to provide a wonderful shield against the effects of modern pollutions."

You will recieve one stone per purchase, size will vary, anywhere from 3/4 inch to 2 inch

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