Rita's La Madama Hoodoo Ritual Candle Slave Spirits of the Dead, Cleanse, Conjure, Protect, Receive Answers to Troubles

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Rita's La Madama Hoodoo Ritual Candle Slave Spirits of the Dead, Cleanse, Conjure, Protect, Receive Answers to Troubles
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Rita's La Madama ritual candle has been designed to draw on the family of spirits of the Madama's when conjuring, during divination or any type of public performance.  More recently La Madama has been used in ritual to "sweep out" negativity within the home and to cleanse and clear.

La Madama's are believed to be the spirits of old house slaves, women who use to practice the art of conjure, who now aid the living people with their problems and petitions.  When given proper respect and reverence they will leave messages of advice for you when you need them and will act as a protective guardian angel over your children.

Most Madama's will have a broom or brush for cleansing and clearing and have the power to rid your home of curses and crossed conditions.  Treat them well and they will conquer any and all negativity in the home and around you. Along with a broom their other tools are playing cards, chalk, a knife and a wooden cross. Among their many talents they can help you to make and keep money, bless your home and the people in it, command and compell people to to your will, open roads and bring you success.

Burn this candle to call upon these spirits, set next to the candle a small bowl of brown sugar, black coffee, tobacco and cooked rice, along with a small glass of water.  This is a traditional offering and will please them.  If they grant you a favor it has been said you should lay down 9 colored pieces of silk as a thank you.  As you continue to work with the Madama's you will draw one specific spirit to your home.  Once you get to know your spirit you will know what offerings she will enjoy the most.  Continue to call upon her until you know her name, treat her well and she will watch after you.

Candle magic is my favorite form of ritual work. It combines the 3 magical principles of concentration, will power and visualization to heighten your energy and bring your wishes to fruition. It continues to become an extension of your mental power and energy as it burns allowing their vibrations to fill your sacred space.

I use white candles the most in my work as white embodies all colors and I feel brings the strongest light energy and protection to the ritual. I use color candles when I am in need of triple action strength in one particular area. I bless and dress the candle for each specific use to draw in energies of love, money, protection, healing etc.

Rita's La Madama candle is a glass pillar that will burn for approx 7 days and is blessed and dressed and as always, made when the moon is right.

**Use caution when burning this candle, never leave a fire unattended. Rita’s Spiritual Goods shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages resulting from the use of purchasing this product. Purchasing this product signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases Rita’s Spiritual Goods from all liability.

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