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Rita's Calcite Ritual Crystal - Manifestation, Double Your Drawing Power, Abundance

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Rita's Calcite Ritual Crystal - Manifestation, Double Your Drawing Power, Abundance
It is believed that certain gemstones have magical properties with astonishing implications for love and life. If you carry a stone with you the vibrations emitted from that particular stone will lead to a higher level of positivity. The positive energy will then attract to your soul like a magnet and draw in the particular magical properties of that stone.

Calcite is to be used in spells to “double the power” of the spell, you should place it on the altar your are working with or keep it with you while you are working. You can also set it next to candles in a candle ritual to double the energy of the candle.

Light Blue Calcite should be used for ritual work that includes grounding oneself or calming oneself. It is also the perfect stone to use when trying to get motivated or people who are trying to learn things, great for students to keep next to them while they study.

Sea Green Calcite should be used in any money or fertility ritual. Perfect to use to create a more successful business or during any manifestation work. it will help "increase" things in what ever area of life you are ritually working.

Honey Calcite should be worked with when dealing with challenges or life changes. It is perfect to help sharpen your psychic intuition to help amplify your energy to face your challenges and changes.

You will receive ONE stone per purchase, they will vary in size, shape and color.

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