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Rita's Ace of Spades 7 Day Ritual Candle Insight, Transformation, Unconditional Love, Wisdom, Ambition, Forgiveness

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Rita's Ace of Spades 7 Day Ritual Candle Insight,  Transformation, Unconditional Love, Wisdom, Ambition, Forgiveness
Candle magic is my favorite form of ritual work. It combines the 3 magical principles of concentration, will power and visualization to heighten your energy and bring your wishes to fruition. It continues to become an extension of your mental power and energy as it burns allowing their vibrations to fill your sacred space.  
I use white candles the most in my work as white embodies all colors and I feel brings the strongest light energy and protection to the ritual. I use color candles when I am in need of triple action strength in one particular area. I bless and dress the candle for each specific use to draw in energies of love, money, protection, healing etc. This one is black to help absorb all the negative energy you are experiencing while banishing bad feelings.

The procedure of blessing and dressing your candles is just as important, if not more so than actually burning the light. All of Rita’s candles have been blessed and dressed for each specific use, the work has been done for you. They are fully charged and ready to use upon receipt. Therefore I suggest purchasing candle blessing oil and candle blessing powder for all of your personal ritual candle needs.

Rita's Ace of Spades candle has been designed to help you achieve balance in periods of transformation while allowing you to access lessons of wisdom, forgiveness and unconditional love. It will help empower you to keep your roots strong and grounded while rising to a new level of your life whether it be spiritually, materialistically or emotionally. Rise to the top!

Rita's Ace of Spades ritual candle is a glass pillar that will burn for approx 7 days and is blessed and dressed for house blessing and as always, made when the moon is right.

**Use caution when burning this candle, never leave a fire unattended. Rita’s Spiritual Goods shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages resulting from the use of purchasing this product. Purchasing this product signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases Rita’s Spiritual Goods from all liability.X

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