Rita's 18 Magical Cowrie shells for Protection, Prosperity, Water Element, Fertility, Childbirth

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Rita's 18 Magical Cowrie shells for Protection, Prosperity, Water Element, Fertility, Childbirth
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Being born of the ocean, shells are strongly associated with the element of water. They are also associated with the moon, which drives ocean tides. Both the element of water and the moon have strong feminine energies that are receptive in nature, so shells are primarily used in magic to draw things you desire into your life.

Cowrie shells were used in Africa and North America, and Native Americans used wampum---beads made from clam shells---as money. Because of this, shells are suitable for money spells. Fill a small green or gold pouch with seashells, a silver coin and mint, which is a money-drawing herb. Hang the bag where you do business, and rub it when you desire prosperity. Place a small seashell in your wallet or purse to continually keep money coming to it.

Protection is a shell's primary purpose in nature, as it is made to keep small, defenseless sea creatures safe from harm. Because of this, shells have strong protective energies. Many cultures in coastal areas use shells in folk magic to protect the home by placing strings of shells over windows and doors. Necklaces of strung shells can be worn by children to keep them close to home and safe from harm. Placing a small, round shell on the collars of your pets will keep them safe should they wander from home.

These shells have been blessed in pacific ocean water and charged by the full moonlight. They can be used to invoke the goddess of love during love spells or to attract a mate wear them in your hair or as jewelry.

Cowrie lore:

In many areas of the South Pacific they were worn on the skirts of young women in the belief that they helped ensure fertility. In Japan, cowries were often held during childbirth to help ease delivery, "Forget the epidural Doc, but could you hand me that Tiger Cowrie." Cowries have also been used to ward off the evil eye and placed on graves to ensure the afterlife of the deceased. In Egypt cowries were placed on eye sockets of some mummies. Finally, cowries have been used as money in many civilizations. In China, these shells were used as currency as early as 1000 BC, as well as in India, Africa, and the South Pacific. The Chinese replaced the cowrie with coins as legal tender fairly early on only to bring back the use of cowries because of the skill with which counterfeiters could duplicate the coins. There are two species of cowries known collectively as money cowrie that live in the tropical Pacific.

You will receive 18 random cowrie shells for all your magical needs.

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