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NEW YEAR Tarot Reading

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NEW YEAR Tarot Reading

 I am opening up a limited number of spaces for extensive new year card readings.

When you check out you will need to do the following:

1. EMAIL ME either from he site "contact" form or directly if you already have my email.

2. In that email I will need your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH

3. Include the situation, question, area of your life you are focusing on or goals you have for the new year that you would like to have directed towards otherwise this will just be a general reading for you.

4. Spread will be determined based on request in number 3.

PLEASE follow the above steps, and if you have any questions include those, I can help you figure out what is best depending on your situation.

ALL details must be submitted at time of purchase, purchase your space to reserve a spot and then please email me right after your purchase. I will be working on these over the course of the next two weeks. I will be reading in the order your orders are received!!

Because these readings take a considerable amount of time spaces are reading will be limited. When you check out please leave the your question/situation etc., in the message area of check out.  


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